hikes less than an hour from JBLM

3 Hikes Less Than an Hour from JBLM

JBLM is conveniently located right off of I-5 in Western Washington. Being so close to I-5 makes it easy for you and your family to explore all of the scenic hikes right in your backyard. From water view trails to mountain view trails, here are 3 hikes less than an hour from JBLM.

3 Hikes Less Than an Hour From JBLM

Rattlesnake Ridge
4.0 miles roundtrip, 1,160 foot elevation gain
55 miles from JBLM, 59 minutes from JBLM

Rattlesnake Ridge is one of the most popular hikes less than an hour from JBLM. With it’s well maintained trail head, and multiple stellar views from the top of the mountain, you can see why Rattlesnake is a loved trail by many. The trail itself is only 2 miles to the top, and a gain of a little over a thousand feet in elevation. Hiking this trail at sunrise or sunset gives you a beyond gorgeous Instagram worthy photo opportunity as the sun reflects off of Rattlesnake Lake. Rattlesnake is also a great hike to do with kids, or if you’re just starting out since it’s not too long and not too steep.

Mt. Si
8.0 miles roundtrip, 3,150 foot elevation gain
52 miles from JBLM, 56 minutes from JBLM

To call Mt. Si a popular trail is an understatement. Upwards of 100,000 people a year hike the gorgeous North Bend Trail. It’s rugged beauty and proximity to JBLM, Tacoma and Seattle makes it a busy trailhead, especially on sunny days. Gaining 3,150 feet in a little under four miles makes this hike is geared towards more experienced hikers. However, with the numerous switchbacks, it is doable by many, just prepare more time spent on the mountain. Once you reach the top you’ll see breathtaking views of Mt. Rainier as well as miles and miles of landscape views.

Mt. Peak
1.8 miles roundtrip, 1,000 foot elevation gain
33 miles from JBLM, 49 minutes from JBLM

Also known as Pinnacle Peak, Mt. Peak offers a healthy workout through a thick lush forest. Don’t let the 0.9 mile trail up fool you. This is a more advanced hike as you gain 1,000 feet in under a mile. Once you’re at the top, you’ll see views of White River and Mt. Rainier. Just be aware that if you hike this trail on a foggy day, your view at the top is likely to be obstructed. This is a pretty quiet trail and is located right in Enumclaw, WA. This is a great trail to plan to do in the warm clear days of summer.

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