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3 Reasons to Boost Your Curb Appeal Even If You Aren’t Selling

A lot of times you hear the term “curb appeal” thrown around when you’re getting ready to sell your home. But boosting your curb appeal help with more than just selling your home for the top dollar. Here are 3 reasons to boost your curb appeal even if you aren’t selling.

3 Reasons to Boost Your Curb Appeal Even If You Aren’t Selling

You Will Enjoy Your Property More

In life, if you are proud of something you’ll want to show other people and spend time reflecting on the area of accomplishment. Same goes for curb appeal. If you take the time and effort to maintain a healthy green lawn, pressure wash your driveway, keep up with cobwebs, and keep up with weeding, you’ll have a yard that you’re proud of and that serves as a welcoming and impressing entry to your home. Your home is your castle and you want to think, “wow my front yard looks great” every time you drive up to your home. You also want strangers to think “wow that front yard looks great” every time they drive past your house. Many people don’t worry about the nitty gritty upkeep until it’s time to sell their home, but why wait until you’re ready to sell to make it look it’s best?

It Makes You A Better Neighbor

Think about it, don’t you want to have the type of neighbors who take care of their yard, so it helps make your home look better? I guarantee your neighbors want the same thing. Ultimately, if your neighbors are trying to sell their property and you haven’t kept up with your yard work, then you may actually be pulling the value of their home down. Additionally, in neighborhoods with an HOA, it’s generally required to maintain a certain level of upkeep. As long as you do a little bit every week in your yard, you will be a good neighbor and won’t have to pay HOA fines.

Improve Your Property’s Value Over the Long Haul

When you boost your curb appeal, you’re improving your property’s value over the long haul. As much as you’re able to rip your yard out and re-lay down sod right before moving, that takes a lot of effort and money. So why not just work on it day by day so you won’t have to shell out thousands later? Sure, you may not be planning to sell now, but your home is easily the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Maintaining the curb appeal will continue improving your home’s value. When buying a home, you can tell if the previous owners did a good job in maintaining a well-kept front yard. Strive to be those people so when the time comes to sell, the new home owners can appreciate how well you kept your yard.

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