finishing a basement

4 Tips for Finishing a Basement

Finishing a basement is a great way to add livable space to your home without having to build a completely new addition. Basements are great for kids to lounge in with friends, and are also great for casual movie nights with your family. So how do you go about making the space livable? Here are 4 tips for finishing a basement.

4 Tips for Finishing a Basement

Talk to professionals

While finishing a basement may seem like a daunting DIY job, it’s best to talk to a professional about your vision. It’s a good idea to have the space inspected before you start your project to fix large problems with insulation/piping/electrical etc. Since basements are at the bottom of the house, consider adding foam insulation sleeves to prevent heat loss. The last thing you want is to have a beautiful space to hang out it, but freezing year-round. Additionally, professionals can help consult you on the best materials to use for flooring, storage space, and outlets to fit your vision.

Design strategically

A basement isn’t always just for lounging; it could be used for overflow sleeping space when the entire family comes over. Think about if you want any extra bedrooms attached to the basement that could be useful over time. If you do choose to add a bedroom, make sure the room has at least one window, to add natural light and for emergency exits. Additionally, if you plan to spend a large amount of time in the basement, it might be beneficial to consider adding at least a powder room so guests don’t have to go all the way upstairs to use the bathroom.

Choose flooring strategically

Hopefully you don’t experience any leaks in your home, but if you do, the basement is the bottom level of your home and may take the hit. Many homeowners opt for tile or laminate, so the flooring isn’t completely ruined if there is a leak. If you are set on carpet, just make sure there is not a chance for a leak in the basement.

Lots of lighting

Lighting is essential when considering finishing a basement. A lot of basements are dark since natural light has a hard time entering the space. Make sure to plan your lighting fixtures so you have enough light. You probably need to add more lighting than you think, and nice light fixtures can really make a space feel more inviting.

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