remember your former homes

4 Ways to Remember Your Former Homes

We spend our days creating memories in the places we call home. So when it’s part of your life to move every so often, it can be hard to remember your former homes. Members of the military community often struggle to get a true sense of home while they are constantly moving. Here are 4 crafty ways to remember your former homes.

4 Ways to Remember Your Former Homes

Key Art

One of the most fun, unique, and inexpensive ways to remember your former homes is to use the keys from your past homes to create art. With a little spray paint, burlap, magic marker, and a shadow box you can create a fun timeline of your past homes using the keys inside of the shadow box. This is a fun project the whole house can take part in. Additionally, having a drawer with each key labeled with a creative design is a way to remember your former homes without having the keys directly on display.

Family Photo Collage

A simple and easy way to remember your former homes is to take photos and add them to a larger collage. These front door family photos look great together and serve as a remembrance of your life lived at each of these homes. It’s also fun to see all that’s changed since taking these photos. You can use these on a big bulletin board, or add it to your online social profile if you want to stay strictly digital.

Christmas Ornaments

If you celebrate Christmas, decorating ornaments each year is one of the top ways to remember your former homes. Whether you choose to decorate the ornament with something that signifies that year, or buy an ornament that symbolizes your time in that home, a Christmas ornament is something you can look back at for years to come.

Map Art

There are a couple ways to remember your former homes with map art. One way is to find a map canvas and place push pins on the cities you’ve lived in. Another way is to print out a map and cut out hearts and place them on cities you’ve lived, fell in love, got married, started a family, etc. The end result looks like professional wall art, but is really your own personalized story. Map art also serves as a great conversation starter when your guests come to visit your home.

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