5 Built in Storage Options for Your PNW Home

5 Built in Storage Options for Your PNW Home

Organizing your home can help the space feel larger and more welcoming for you and your guests. But if your home doesn’t already have copious amounts of storage, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in thinking how to organize. Here are 5 built in storage options for your PNW home.

5 Built in Storage Options for Your PNW Home

Lifted Storage

Perhaps one of the most common built in storage options for your PNW home is lifted storage. Overhead racks in your garage allow you to utilize unused space in your garage. It multiplies storage space exponentially in your home. Whether you’re storing Christmas decorations, the kids’ art projects from elementary school or rooftop carriers for your car, this is the ideal location for items used periodically throughout the year.

Floating Shelves

The great thing about floating shelves is that they can work almost anywhere in your home. Whether you need storage for toilet paper and air freshener in your bathroom, a places for the kids’ toy boxes, or places for book to live, floating shelves are great built in storage options for your PNW home. Additionally, floating shelves come in all different shapes and sizes so you can customize to the styles and colors of your home.

Walk in Closets

Walk in closets are not only for your clothes. If the walk in closet attached to your master bedroom has extra room, consider placing luggage or storage boxes in there too. Walk in closets give you room to organize your life in a very personalized way. To maximize space in your walk in closet, consider installing tie racks, shoe racks, cubbies, and shelves so you can fit everything you need in the space.

Garage Storage

Aside from the overhead storage, it’s good to have storage shelves in your garage. This allows you to organize your tools, gardening supplies, buckets, etc. This will keep your garage looking clean and tidy, and gives you more space to store other items. These storage shelves will give the boxes that are currently leaning against the wall a permanent home.

Electronics center

Now more than ever, there are multiple devices that we need to keep charges and organized. To eliminate cords from cluttering up the home, place all the cords in a charging center of the home. If the kids need to charge their consoles in other rooms, it’s easy for them to know to put the cords back when they are finished. Additionally, USB ports and outlets can be built into cabinets to ensure the device are charged without showing the displeasing cord on the counter.

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