tips to simplify entertaining

5 Tips to Simplify Entertaining

With the holidays just around the corner, this season calls for a lot of gatherings. Instead of being stressed about how you’re going to host multiple sets of people over at your home in a tight time frame, let’s look at the 5 tips to simplify entertaining.

5 Tips to Simplify Entertaining

Make room

With entertaining comes more food, more containers, more décor, more gifts from guests, and less fridge space. Take a day to go through your fridge and take out half used pickle jars, almost empty sauce bottles, moldy sour cream containers, etc. These items all take up valuable real estate in your fridge and would better serve you in the garbage or in a cooler for the time being. To prepare for all the incoming dishes and left overs, it’s best to make room in your fridge.

Remember the slow cooker

When you only have 4-6 burners on the stove, it’s hard to plan out how you’re going to cook 8 dishes for Thanksgiving at the same time. Instead of compromising a warm side, pull out the slow cooker or pressure cooker. Both of these appliances are capable of making various dishes and can take the pressure off of trying to fit it all on your stove. Using additional appliances is one of the most efficient tips to simplify entertaining.

Have a coat space

One of the first things people want to know when they enter a party, is where they can leave their jacket. Think of a designated coat space where you can lead people to drop their items. Whether this is in a coat closet, a spare room, or on a blank table, pre planning this can help simplify entertaining. This will help you focus on welcoming them without having to take extra time to come up with a location on the spot.

Everything in it’s place

Rather than waiting until meal time to stressfully arrange food onto dishes, set the table before hand, and label all of the plates so you know what will go where. This allows you to see if you have enough serving dishes, and will tell you if you have enough room on the table. This prevents you from scrambling to find extra dishes right when all the food is done.


Chopping can sometimes be the longest part of cooking a dish. If you have some time a day or two before your event, chop your veggies/sides and store them in the fridge. This will give you back hours of the day that you can spend with family. Don’t forget to label and organize by recipe to maximize your time-saving efforts!

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