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5 Ways to Make Your New House in Tacoma a Home

So you’ve come to the end of your home buying journey, and closed on your new house in Tacoma. Your new goal is to move all your furniture into your new home and start seeking ways to make this new house feel like home without breaking the bank. These 5 ways to make your new house in Tacoma a home will make you as comfortable as can be.

5 Ways to Make Your New House in Tacoma a Home

Scrub & Scent

Before moving your furniture into your new house in Tacoma, spend a couple hours cleaning the space with great smelling natural products. Even if the house has been professionally cleaned, there’s nothing like scrubbing down the countertops and making your home smell pristine. Once everything is clean, light a few of your favorite candles while you move your furniture into your new house. The sensory experience of lighting candles will make your new home feel cozy.

A Little Paint

It’s overwhelming to try and paint your entire house with a fresh coat, so focus on a couple accent walls. Your front door is a great place to start. A new pop of color can help you put your stamp on the place. Then start thinking about vibrant wallpaper to one wall of the office or guest room. Even if you change your mind later, you’ll appreciate these decorative additions upon move in. Something as small as painting a single wall in a room can ad personality and flare to help you feel cozy in your new house in Tacoma.

Prioritize Keepsakes

Once you get all of your boxes out of the moving truck, it can be overwhelming looking at the jumbled boxes scattered around your new house in Tacoma. Prioritize the unpacking of your most treasured keepsakes. Pull out your most beloved photos and keepsakes and set them out in full view. These items will help create an instant coziness and replicate the feeling of your old home. Being surrounded by your favorite things will help cozy up your move in.

Swap Hardware & Lighting

By swapping out the lighting fixtures and the hardware in your home, you’re able to create an entirely new feel without breaking the bank. Updating cabinet pulls and drawer handles, door knobs, and light switch plates can make a big difference. Additionally, upgrading the light fixture in your entry is a good place to start and can change the feel on your home from the moment you walk into your new house in Tacoma.

Hold a Housewarming Party

The memories that happen inside of a home are what stick in your mind over the years. Invite your closest friends over and celebrate breaking in the house together. Your friends will understand that you’re not completely moved in yet and will enjoy seeing your new place and will help create special memories in your new house in Tacoma. Additionally, inviting over your neighbors can be a natural and low pressure way to meet the folks who live in your neighborhood.

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