6 Games to Play at Friendsgiving

6 Games to Play at Friendsgiving

In the last 10 years, the concept of “Friendsgiving” has been adopted by many. Since Thanksgiving is traditionally spent with family, people wanted to celebrate an additional holiday in which they celebrated their thankfulness of the friends present in their lives, hence the title Friendsgiving rather than Thanksgiving.

Each friend traditionally brings a separate dish, and all the dishes together make up a Friendsgiving feast. Friendsgiving generally also includes games and activities as well as food. Check out these six games to try out at your own Friendsgiving celebration.

6 Games for a Friendsgiving Celebration

Find the Pecan In The Pie

Once you and your guests have finished the pies, place a pecan in the pie tray, then fill the rest of the pie tray with whip cream. Separate into two or more teams and choose a designated searcher. This person will need to place their head into the pie tray full of whip cream and find the hidden pecan. The team to find the pecan first wins the game! Make sure to have plenty of paper towels for your friends to clean off after the game has completed.

Shake Your Tail Feathers

This game involves dancing as is hinted in the title. Take an empty tissue box, cut out the clear plastic liner on the top, and place 10 long feathers into each tissue box. Then use a belt or string to attach the box onto each player. Players will have to shake/dance to release all the feathers from the tissue box. The first person to drop all their feathers wins the game. The game is fun to play with music in the background.

Yam Roll

This game only involves yams, spoons, and masking tape. Tape two lines parallel to each other with 5-10ft in between each line. Divide up into two team and designate the order of players. Each player will have to roll a yam with a spoon in their mouth to the other tape line. Once they complete their course, the next player begins. The first team to complete the course wins.

Gobbler Gauntlet

You’ll need a small pumpkin (or a ball), pantyhose, and 10 solo cups for this game. Place the pumpkin or ball into the pantyhose, tie the pantyhose around each player’s waist, spin the players around 5 times and have the players attempt to knock over each of the 5 plastic cups in the line. The team that successfully knocks over all their solo cups first wins the game.

Turkey Baster Race

Using the same tape lines you have set out from the yam roll, the objective of this game is to use a turkey baster to blow a feather to the end line. This is trickier than it sounds as the feathers tend to blow in all directions, not just in a nice straight line. The first team to move their feather to the end line wins the game.

Pluck the Turkey

This game involved full boxes of tissue. Hand everyone a box of tissue and have one person tell you when to start. Once the buzzer signifies the start, everyone pulls out the tissues as fast as they can. The first person with an empty tissue box wins the game. Remember, these tissues can be folded and placed back into their box to reduce waste.

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