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7 Kitchen Organization Tips

The kitchen is one of the most loved rooms in a home, so it’s important to find ways to get the most use out of the space. Over the years we accumulate utensils, appliances, decorations, and cups/plates, so what happens when we feel like we’re running out of room? Below are 7 kitchen organization accessories that can help add space back into your kitchen.

Kitchen Organization Made Easier with these 7 Ideas

Kitchen Command Center

As your days get busier, it’s easy for things to pile up on your island and kitchen counters. A few pieces of mail here, to do lists over there, it’s easy to feel like your counter space is shrinking. By adding a kitchen command center to hold your keys, mail, to do lists, photos etc. you’ll free up space in your kitchen, and you’ll know exactly where you placed those documents.

Small Appliance Cubby

We’ve all bought appliances that we thought we’d use weekly, but the truth is that these appliances are taking up valuable cabinet space. Time to gather your panini press, ice cream maker, popcorn machine, and other small appliances and designate one of your cubbies to be a small appliance cubby. By sectioning up this cubby and labeling each section, you’ll know exactly where you small appliances are and they won’t be cluttering up space that you can use for more frequently used kitchen tools.

Making and Maintaining a Freezer Inventory

How many times have you pulled something out of the freezer that you don’t remember when you put it in? If something is way past it’s expiration date, it’s taking up valuable freezer space and isn’t even useful. Create a chart that tracks what’s in your freezer, and how longer each item has been in the freezer. This allows you to quickly see what you have in your freezer without having to dig deep into the cold unknown, and know that everything in your freezer is useable.

Pantry Organization

Organizing your pantry can add so much value to the space. Boxes of cereal that are almost empty, expired snacks, and mismatched disposable plates can quickly takeover your pantry space. By adding clear containers that separate your items, you’ll gain space back and you’ll also be able to see how much of something is left. This can also dictate what foods are near the bottom and what you need to add to your grocery list.

Grab and Go Snack Station

Kids are always on the go from one practice to another, so it’s good to have a station in the kitchen where they know they can grab a snack. For this kitchen organization trick, simply place 5 or 6 baskets next to each other full of granola bars, fruit snacks, nut packets, or any other snacks your kids might like, and watch your pantry stay clean while providing a designated area for your kiddos.

Cabinet Door Vertical Storage

Odd shaped boxes like aluminum foil and saran wrap boxes take up full drawers when the drawers could be occupied with a more efficiently sized item. Install vertical storage containers to the back on your pantry door or inside of your pantry where these boxes can stand up straight instead of on their side. This clears up a drawer in your kitchen that could be used for other storage.

Lid Racks

While it’s aesthetically pleasing to place lids back on the pots and pans after you use them, it’s really just a hassle to fiddle with the lid. Create a lid rack, that looks similar to a towel rack, where your lids can stay. This eliminates the need to take off and put on lids every time you use a pot or pan.

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