8 Ways to Meet Your New Neighbors

8 Ways to Meet Your New Neighbors

When you buy a new home and move into a new neighborhood, actually meeting your neighbors might be tough. If you’re shy, you might not want to go door to door introducing yourself. If you have a busy schedule, you might not have the time.

8 Ways to Meet the Neighbors After Buying a New Home

But you should find ways to meet your new neighbors after you buy a new home, and there are lots of reasons why.

Safety and Security –

As neighbors, you’ll probably have an opportunity to keep an eye out for anything that just doesn’t look right, and you’d want your new neighbors to do the same for you. Introducing yourself and other members of your household, describing your cars, general schedules, etc., let’s your new neighbors know what might and might not be normal comings-and-goings at your new house.

A Cup of Sugar –

Sooner or later one of you will be making cookies and find that you’re an egg, cup of sugar or teaspoon of baking powder short. Or you’ll be working on a project and realize you need some extra nails or an extra pair of hands. Making friends in the neighborhood gives you a “go to” when you need small favors.

Collaborative Relationships –

Meeting the neighbors with whom you share yard borders, sidewalks and other common spaces can help you get off to a good start, with everyone on the same page about responsibilities and priorities. It also gives you an opportunity to talk about any special needs your household may have; for instance, if you work the night shift you might appreciate it if your neighbors didn’t crank up their lawn mowers too early in the morning. If you have a new baby you might appreciate consideration of noise in the ‘hood after 8 PM. Or your neighbors may have special needs like these, so getting to know them can help you be a good neighbor from the get-go.

8 Ways to Meet Your New Neighbors

Take the Cutest Member of Your Household for a Walk

If you have a cute little dog or a baby, taking them for a walk around the neighborhood could act like a magnet, bringing your neighbors to you for an informal sidewalk meet and greet.

Have a Yard Sale

When you buy a new home you’ll probably find that some of your old things just aren’t going to make the cut. Hold a yard sale some sunny Saturday and many of your neighbors are likely to stop by.

Organize a Block Party 

Hold a welcome to the neighborhood party – for yourself! An ice cream social in the summer or smores party in the fall could be a simple but effective way to get your neighbors together.

Have a Cocktail Party

You know you’re just dying to show off your new home! Have an open house-style cocktail party where neighbors can drop by to meet you, see your home and enjoy some snacks and beverages.

Make It a Porch Party

Porch parties are even simpler to organize and hold than housewarming parties. Stage snacks and beverages in your garage and invite neighbors to stop by your front yard for an informal get together.

Get Involved in Your HOA

Getting involved in your neighborhood’s HOA is a good way to meet new neighbors, and it’s also a great way to make sure that you have a say in what goes on in your neighborhood, including how homeowner’s fees will be spent and common areas maintained.

Be the Guy with the Goodies

Be “that guy,” you know, the one everyone loves. Take a plate of cookies or a loaf of freshly baked bread around to one or two neighborhood homes each week until you’ve met everyone in your cul-de-sac or street.

Join the PTA or Volunteer at Your Kids’ Schools

Volunteering to help with school projects, in classrooms or within the PTA is a great way to make your children’s schools better as well as meet other neighbors who are involved.

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