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3 Common VA Home Loan Hurdles and How to Overcome Them

VA home loans are accommodating, flexible and borrower friendly, but that doesn’t mean VA lenders will simply hand them out to anyone. The VA loan program does require that borrowers meet certain standards just as a conventional loan lender requires it’s borrowers to meet certain standards. Here are 3 common VA home loan hurdles and […]

Common VA Home Loan Myths Debunked

With all the information we’ll ever need at our finger tips, it’s easy to read some inaccurate information. From inaccuracies posted on message boards to incorrect blog posts, there are a handful of common VA home loan myths out there. Here are the 4 most common VA home loan myths debunked. Common VA Home Loan […]

6 Reasons to Move to Washington State

There are many reasons why this Pacific Northwest State is one of the most popular in the country right now. From the booming job market, to the nice balance of forest, water, and desert, here are 6 reasons to move to Washington State. 6 Reasons to Move to Washington State Job Market It’s no secret […]

How to Budget for a Home 101

Creating a monthly budget that helps you track your spending is one of the best ways to achieve your home buying goals. Here are 3 essential pieces of creating a budget for a home. How to Budget for a Home 101 Create the budget You have many payments going in and out of your bank […]

4 Things I Didn’t Expect About Buying a Home

Guild Tacoma sat down with a local home buyer and asked her about her home buying experience. She bought the Tacoma home at 22. Here are 4 things she didn’t expect about buying a home. 4 Things I Didn’t Expect About Buying a Home How much work goes into buying a home The first thing […]

How to Apply for a Mortgage if You’re a Freelancer

Applying for a mortgage as a freelancer can be far more challenging than applying with a day job. Even if you make more and have excellent credit, lenders are much more detailed and strict when it comes to applying while self-employed. But, it’s not impossible! Here are some tips on how to apply for a […]

4 Ways to Reduce Home Utility Bills This Winter

As temperatures drop during the winter, there are some things you can do around the house to keep your home warm. These things include turning up the thermostat, running your gas fireplace, and taking more hot showers. As you may know, all of these items will run your home utility bill up during the winter. […]

Getting a Mortgage with Student Loan Debt

Saving for a down payment after graduation used to be the typical thing to do, but now with student debt rising, it may seem out of reach for some. Don’t lose faith, it’s still possible! Here are what lenders are looking at and how your student loan debt affects your approval for a home loan. […]

Credit Scoring Myths

When it comes to home loans, credit score plays a large factor in determining your home loan options. So it’s important that you understand the correct credit score information, as believing the wrong information can cost you. Here are 4 credit scoring myths debunked. Credit Scoring Myths Credit Pulls People who apply for new credit […]