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6 Benefits of Buying a Brand New Home

If you’re a home buyer, you’ve likely toyed with the idea of buying a new construction home. But maybe you’ve quickly moved past the idea because you don’t know much about new construction. Here are 6 major benefits of buying a brand new home.

6 Benefits of Buying a Brand New Home


The biggest benefit of buying a brand new home is the chance to personalize it. If you are buying your home as a pre-sale, you’re able to choose your structural choices, like changing powder rooms into ¾ baths, extending your covered patio, etc. You’re also able to make design choices such as colors and materials of cabinets, counters, and hardware. With all of the customization, you’re really able to make your home truly your own.

Up to date features

While any home can undergo a costly remodel to update features, with a brand new home you don’t have to! With new construction, you get all the up to date bells and whistles you want right now. For example, you don’t have to knock down walls to get the open concept main floor you want, you can design your brand new home with one! Additionally, many brand new homes today come standard with Ring Doorbells and key pin garage door openers. Forget about those costly upgrades later!

Everything is new

Since every piece of your brand new home is new, you don’t have to feel at risk. Your furnace won’t break down because it’s been going for 10 years. Brand new homes come with warranties that should help you rest easy when choosing to buy a new construction home.

No repairs

As much as we all say that we’ll remodel our homes one room at a time, the truth is that it’s hard to find the time and money to make that a reality. So why not buy a home that doesn’t require any repairs? This will give you worry free comfort, so you have more time to enjoy your low maintenance new home.


Prices for new homes are actually comparable to those of resale homes. Just think about all the money you’re saving by going green with your appliances, having air tight windows, and avoiding all the repairs.

You’re #1

One of the coolest features of buying a brand new home, is that you are the first person to ever live in it. A re-sale home was someone’s dream. The entire process of buying a brand new home, from choosing the layout, to designing a color scheme, to moving in is all part of making your home unique.

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