benefits of a home security system

Benefits of a Home Security System

With all the vacations that occur throughout the summer, it’s important that your home and your valuables are protected. While installing, arming, disarming, and paying monthly fees may deter you from setting up a home security system, there are some major benefits that could keep you and your family safe. Here are 6 benefits of a home security system.

Benefits of a Home Security System

Protects Valuables

This is one of the most common benefits of a home security system that most people think of first. We all know a friend or family member that has had their home broken into and their jewelry, electronics, and other high value items stolen. Or worse, the thief stole an irreplaceable family heirloom. With a home security system, you’re able to set alarms to go off whenever a door or window is open, letting you know right away if there has been a robbery.

Deters Crime

Having a home security system not only protects your home but also homes in your community. As the number of homes security systems in an area increases, the crime rate decreases. Additionally, new systems such as the Nest, and the iRing can capture wide angle footage, which could deter robbers from going anywhere near a home with a security system.

Remote Access

One of the worst feelings is driving down the highway wondering if you closed your garage door or if you locked your front door. Instead of the hassle of texting a family member to check it for you, many home security systems now allow you to remotely access and monitor what’s happening in your home. Depending on your provider, you’re able to control the thermostat, lock doors, turn off lights, and see a live feed of what’s happening in your home.

Lower Home Owner’s Insurance

Yes, your monthly fee for a security system may seem like just another bill, but in reality having a home security system can lower your home owner’s insurance by up to 20%. Be sure to consult your insurance agent to get your exact savings. This alone could be a large benefit of a home security system.

Helps Keep Tabs on Pets

We all have days where we need to run a couple hours’ worth of errands and we have to leave the dogs at home. Instead of constantly worrying about if they are chewing up your new area rug, with a home security system you can see for yourself what you dogs are up to in real time. Many modern systems also have 2 way microphones so if you need to tell your dog to get off of the couch you can do so without driving all the way home.

Improves Electricity Management

With everything that goes into planning a vacation, changing your thermostat is not at the top of your mind. If you’ve forgotten to change your thermostat, it can be a costly bill you pay later to heat or cool your home while no one was there to enjoy it. Additionally, you’re able to turn your lights on and off periodically giving the appearance that someone is home while you are gone.

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