benefits of a smaller home

Surprisingly Big Benefits of a Smaller Home

Downsizing out of choice or force may sound like a scary idea, especially when you’re used to living in a large home. While living in a smaller home is a smart financial decision, there are other reasons why downsizing can simplify your life overall. Here are 5 surprisingly big benefits of a smaller home.

Surprisingly Big Benefits of a Smaller Home

Less to clean

One of the biggest benefits of a smaller home is that you have less to clean. Have you ever heard anyone wish for more house to clean? I didn’t think so. You may be used to spending a whole day cleaning your home every week, but with a smaller home, you get some of your day back! Less square footage means fewer surfaces to wipe down, and floors to vacuum. Less room in your home also means less room to clutter. It’s really a win-win situation.

Less focused on stuff

When you have a large home, a big part of your daily focus is how you’ll decorate each wall and what kind of furniture you’re going to buy to fill all the rooms. While furniture is also necessary in smaller homes, you have less wall space to cover and likely smaller décor to purchase. It’s easy to browse at stores without buying when you have a smaller home, since you don’t have room for a lot of new stuff.

More family time

One of the biggest selling points of a large home is that everyone gets their own designated space. And while me-time is important, you don’t always need an entire room to have it. When everyone is thrown together in a small living space, that allows for more family fun time. You spend hours and hours of quality time with your family that you wouldn’t necessarily get if every kid was in their own room from the end of school until bed time.

You’re more likely to know neighbors

Big houses often come with big lots. You might easily be able to wave at your neighbor when you’re driving to work in the morning, but it takes a little more effort to spend quality time with them. Smaller homes are often set closer together. If you sit on your front porch, you’re likely to see neighbor kids running around and neighbors out walking their dogs. It’s easy to be a good neighbor when you’re closer in proximity.

You can improve your health

If you have less home to clean, that means you have less dust and pet hair to deal with. These allergens can cause an allergic reaction which is not healthy for you. Additionally, smaller homes encourage you to get outdoors more often. When there’s less house to hang out in, you start thinking about taking advantage of the nice day, and going for a bike ride.

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