Buyers Who Want to Raise a Family Are Looking for these 7 Things

Buyers Who Want to Raise a Family Are Looking for these 7 Things

Buyers who are looking to raise a family have different wants and needs from young millennials, or empty nesters who have already raised their family. While nightlife may be important to millennials, and location may be a priority for empty nesters, these buyers are looking for quality of nearby public schools, median home value, crime rate, restaurants, diversity, activity centers, and health centers. Take a look at the specifics of these qualifications.

7 Characteristics Home Buyers with a Family Want Most

Quality of public schools

The quality of nearby public schools is important to any buyer raising a family since their children will be attending these schools for many years. These buyers are looking at elementary, middle and high schools in the area. Buyers are looking for the average graduation rate, test scores, teacher to student ratios, after school programs, and even meal plans. These buyers want to set their children up for success with strong and focused education that will prepare them for college and the following professional world.

Median home value

These buyers have expanded their family with kids or look to expand in the near future so they are looking for homes with 3-5 bedrooms at an affordable cost. They will compare the price of buying a home to renting a home. They will also look to see what the area feel is like (city, rural, suburban, etc). Most families like to move to a location with other families in the neighborhood.

Crime rate

These buyers are looking to move to an area with a low crime rate. They want to ensure that the area they live in is safe for their families and especially their children. These buyers will look at recent stats of number of assaults, robberies, motor vehicle theft and overall crime rate within the city limits. They will even look to see how school zones are treated and the overall driving habits of the city.


No one wants to drive 40 minutes to eat at the nearest restaurant, especially with kids in the back seat. With their kids in mind, these buyers want to move to a place that is within a 20-minute drive of multiple restaurants. They will also be looking at the variety of restaurants nearby. Yes, the kids would love to eat at McDonalds, but there needs to be a date night restaurant to eat around the same area. Bonus points if there are multiple shopping/dining areas nearby.


New parents want diversity in their neighborhood so their children can grow up exposed to multiple different cultures. Whether it’s diversity in schools, sports, or food, it’s important to these families that their children are able to learn about these diverse cultures from a young age.

Activity centers

Places like the YMCA are great to live near. These types of organizations allow kids to participate in multiple types of activities as well as volunteer as they get older. Organizations like the YMCA also provide day care if parents want to work out or take an art class but don’t want to hire a babysitter. In addition, activity centers host multiple summer camps that would be convenient to the families who live nearby, especially to the parents who work during the summer. These camps help children build friendships that strengthen every summer the children return.

Health centers

When their children inevitable break a bone, these buyers want to make sure they can take their kids to a nearby hospital. They also want to make sure that going to the dentist doesn’t mean driving an hour or two away. Something as simple as getting a flu shot should be convenient to these buyers’ homes.

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