cleaning checklist to prepare to move out

Cleaning Checklist As You Prepare to Move Out of Your Home

So now that you’ve picked out your new home, it’s time to prepare to move out of your current home. Before you call the moving guys, take a look at this list of cleaning tasks to start the move out process.

A checklist to help you prepare to move –

Remove Nails and Repair Holes: Throughout the months/years you’ve been in your current home, you’ve likely hung up a piece of art/furniture with a good ol’ nail to the wall. Go through your home and fill in any holes as you prepare to move.

Dust Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans are hard to remember to clean since they are out of site. Grab your ladder and your Swiffer and dust your fans before moving onto your next home.

Clean Windows & Sills: Especially with pets, it’s a good idea to wash all your windows and give the next home owners a clean glassy home.

Clean Doors & Knobs: You/your family/your friends have touched the doorknobs in your home a lot, so grab a Lysol wipe and do a wipe down of all the knobs throughout your home.

Clean Switch Plates & Outlets: Cleaning outlets is also a commonly forgotten task to complete as you prepare to move out of your home. Go room by room and make sure the plates are wiped down with a Lysol wipe so the next owners have a clean surface.

Clean Baseboards: While you have your duster out, run the duster along the baseboards in your home.

Vacuum & Clean Carpets: On top of just vacuuming all of the carpet in your home, it’s courteous to wash all the carpet as well. This gives the new owners a fresh carpet to walk on and extends the life of the carpet.

Clean Bathroom Mirrors, Countertops, Showers, & Toilets: Bathrooms are already one of the messiest places in the home. Take an extra effort and clean the bathroom mirrors, countertops, toilets and inside of medicine cabinets. It’s also wise to clean the floor on top of the other tasks.

Clean Inside & Out of All Cabinets: When you take out all the dishware and silverware from your cabinets, you’ll find crumbs and stains that need to be disposed of. Take a wood cleaner and clean out your cabinets before moving out.

Clean Hard Surface Floors: Find the cleaner that specifically works with your type of floor (i.e. hardwood cleaner) and use it for all of the hard surface floors in your home. Water is not the best cleaner for all surfaces.

Clean Kitchen Countertops & Sinks: Wipe down all counters and faucets until they are sparkly clean as you prepare to move out.

Clean Kitchen Appliances: Bust out the stainless steel cleaner and clean your refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and any other appliances you have in your kitchen. The new home owners will appreciate sparkly appliances.

Dust Light Fixtures: Go through your home and dust each light fixture as you prepare to move out of your home. This include in the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, and dining areas.

Freshen Home with Room Spray: The new family that’s moving into your home will want the place feeling fresh and clean. Spray your home with room spray to help give your home a new and airy feel. Febreeze, Glade, an Airwick are just a few common air sprays.

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