7 Cleaning Tips for Pet Parents

Great Cleaning Tips for Pet Parents

If you’re like many pet parents, your house is rarely without any type of pet hair flying around. Especially now summer has come and gone, you’ll find piles of shed hair on your couch, in your carpet, in nooks and crannies and even on your clothes. To help you keep your sanity and keep your home looking its best, here are seven cleaning tips you must know if you are a pet parent.

Best Practices – 7 Cleaning Tips for Pet Parents

Wash Toys

Whether you like to give toys to your pets because you are always on the go, or because they go crazy without them, make sure you give the toys a good wash every once and a while. For dogs, KONGs and other treat puzzle toys start to show the layers of peanut butter, treats and food you stuff in there to give your dog a mind game. Washing the toys will help prevent the slobbery smell they are wafting all around the house. Throw soft toys in the wash with a teaspoon of baking soda, and toss plastic or rubber toys into the dish washer to give them a thorough cleaning.

Squeegee for shedding

Just like the squeegee you use on the glass doors in your shower, squeegees are also good for cleaning the hair off of your carpets. Simply squeegee the hair into a pile off of your carpet and quickly vacuum up the hair. This helps pick up the hair that you can’t see on the top layer of the carpet. While a fluffy coat is adorable on your cat or dog, it’s not so adorable on your carpet and flying around the air.

No loose litter

Cat litter has a very distinct smell, and that’s why you likely keep the cat litter in a secluded area of your home. An easy way to keep cat litter from trailing around the house is to create a litter catcher out of a baking pan and a cooling grid. Spray paint the baking pan and cooling grid a fun color, and cut out a unique background out of contact paper that is easy to wipe clean. This will help keep the litter and the litter smell from trailing around the house.

Paws off

For some reason, both cats and dogs love to rip up toilet paper. Maybe it’s because it keeps unrolling and unrolling, or maybe because they like to chew on the toilet paper itself. Whatever the reason, you can actually add a few drops of lavender or rosemary to the cardboard tube to prevent cats, and cinnamon to prevent dogs. This way you can eliminate your toilet paper waste.

Easy to Wash Beds

If you’re looking for the perfect bed for your cat or dog, keep in mind that they will eventually have an accident on the bed, and overtime their smell will seep into the bed, and will have you wanting it clean in your home. Look for beds that are washable, and if you are looking for a bigger bed, make sure you find one with a removable washable outside layer. This will make your home smell better and will also extend the life of the bed.

Toy Bin

Similar to kids, toys scattered around the ground can make your home appear disorganized and cluttered. Avoid the chaos with a toy bin with a lid. This way you are controlling the chaos. You can leave two or three toys out and rotate so your dog isn’t bringing their toys all around the house. This will also help you locate toys faster if you are heading out and are looking for your pets favorite chew toy in a timely fashion.

Brush Outside

An easy way to keep excess hair out of your house is to brush your pet outside. This way they love bonding time with you and the excess hair isn’t blowing all over your home. Go with a grooming mitt to get the most hair off of your pet, or a fine tooth comb for the pets with heavy coats. If your pet isn’t used to being outside, bring their toys out to keep them distracted while you brush their coat.

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