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Client Appreciation Event: Pumpkin Patch at Double R Farms


Client Appreciation Event: Pumpkin Patch at Double R Farms

Client appreciation is one of our main focuses at Guild Tacoma. From happy hours to full on events, we like to thank our clients for working with us.

Most recently we held a client appreciation event at Double R Farms in Puyallup. We invited our past and present clients to come spend a day in the sun choosing a pumpkin with the family. And what a sunny day it was! We gave each family a pumpkin certificate, tickets to the pumpkin sling shot, and drew raffles throughout the day.

Here’s what one of our clients had to say about their experience at Guild and the importance of client appreciation events.

Interviewer: Describe your experience working with Guild.

Josh and Michelle: We’ve worked with Guild and Mellisa Hays several times in the last couple of years. Once for a refinance and once for a new home. Mellisa and Guild are phenomenal each time. It’s probably the least stressful home buying experience we’ve ever had or even heard of. All information was ready to go and prompt. We never found ourselves second guessing any decision or asking more than once for a piece of information. 3 words I would use to describe Guild are prompt, knowledgeable, and communicative. It truly makes the home buying process easy.

I: How does it make you feel when Guild does client appreciation events?

J and M: It makes us feel really important when Guild does client appreciation events. It incorporates not only trying to get new customers, but keeping in touch with the past clients like us. We like to catch up with the folks at Guild and hear what events and promotions are coming up so we can relay the information to our friends and family.

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