Community Small Business Spotlight: Got 2 Get Fit

Community Small Business Spotlight: Got 2 Get Fit

A Guild interviewer sat down with Got 2 Get Fit’s owner and head trainer, Ross Newsom, to talk about the importance of health and fitness as a business professional.

Interviewer: Tell me about your business.

Ross Newsom: Got 2 Get Fit is a personal training gym located in Federal Way, WA. The majority of our clients are business professionals who see fitness as a complement to their daily success. These individuals see overcoming hurdles as a part of success in and out of the office. We push our clients out of their comfort zone every time we work with them so they can continue to reach their fitness and professional goals.

I: What kind of professionals do you see most?

RN: We have a lot of Keller Williams realtors come in to our gym. We also see mortgage professionals, Michael Fornerette included, IT people, and general business owners. We are open 5am-8:30pm so we have a wide window to fit workouts into every client’s busy schedule.

I: Do you work with groups?

RN: We primarily work one on one with our clients, but we do some small groups like couples and groups of four. Our program is customized to each individual so it’s tough to have an effective workout for a large group when we really want to focus on utilizing each individual’s work out plan.

I: You mentioned your customized plans, can you please elaborate?

RN: Sure, so we hold a free consultation with our clients and listen to the biggest thing they want to accomplish at the end of the training. Let’s say a business professional comes in seeking to lose 20 pounds. Using the average of 1 pound lost a week, we would put them on a 20-week plan. We want to be realistic with them and not promise 20 pounds gone in a month. We promise change, and we want them to stay focused and motivated throughout the program. We also talk with our clients about how many proteins, fats, carbs, etc. they should be consuming on a daily basis. We then show them a sample meal plan so they know what they should be eating. As you can imagine, a workout plan would be different if a client’s main goal was to build their arms.

I: What’s one of the success stories that has come out of your business?

RN: We had a client who came in seeking to lose weight. He was over 400 pounds and didn’t know where to start to change his lifestyle. We put him on fat burning plan and he ended up dropping down to 250 pounds in six months. We provided a strong support network at our gym and supported him the entire way. We also had folks coming and talking about the incredible improvement he was making over the weeks. He held himself accountable at home by eating correctly and taking daily walks to keep him moving. He ended the program just over 220 pounds and thanked us for saving his life. His biggest concern was that he would have a heart attack if he kept living his old lifestyle. After his transformation, he said he had more confidence in every day life and felt better inside and out.


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