Downsizing? Here are 5 Things to Know

Whether you’re an empty nester, or you simply just want a smaller home to simplify your life, downsizing comes with some decisions. Here are 5 things to know if you are planning to down size.

Downsizing? Here are 5 Things to Know

Set goals with your family

Before uprooting your life, make sure to set some goals with your family on what you want to accomplish by downsizing. Is the benefit to lower your mortgage? Is the benefit less house to clean? Is the benefit about moving closer to a certain community? By setting goals, you’re allowing your whole family to get on the same page. If everyone is on a different page, this could cause some frustration and strife after the move.

De-clutter and sell/donate items

With a bigger house comes more storage and likely more things. Spend some time going through your storage closets, garage bins, under bed storage, and drawers to sell or donate items that are just taking up space. By doing this before your move, you’ll simplify the move later on. The more stuff you have when you move, the more stressful it can be. Plus why spend the extra time packing up items you don’t plan to use anymore?


Over time, it’s common to collect multiples of items, especially in the kitchen. Go through all of your kitchen supplies and make sure you only have one of everything. No one needs two can openers, multiple bottle openers, that extra set of glasses, or 10 sets of coasters. You can sell/donate these items to make downsizing that much easier.

Plan ahead

If you’re used to living in a 3,500 sq. ft. home and are considering downsizing to a 2,200 sq. ft. home, it can be hard to plan for. Sit down with your family and map out every room. This allows you to keep the furniture you want, and get rid of the rest. If you’re moving into a home with a significantly smaller closet, it’s good for you to know so you can plan on getting rid of some of your clothes to make room. All of this planning will make moving day easier and save everyone time.

Keep gains in mind

When changing any aspect of your life, it’s easy to compare the two items. Additionally, it can be tough for family members to really understand the reason behind their sacrifices. If you’re moving to lower the mortgage, remind your family of the extra things they’ll get to do with fewer home expenses. If you’re moving to be closer to work, remind your family of all the extra time you’ll get together. If you’re moving to find a new community, find local hiking trails that make your neighborhood feel fun and inviting.

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