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7 Essentials For Your Home Entry Way

The home entry way is the first glimpse of the inside of your home to your guests. So, you want to make sure that it’s welcoming, warm, organized, and personal. The way your guests feel about your entry way can dictate their thoughts throughout the rest of your home. Here are 7 ways to warm up cozy up your home entry way to standout to guests.

7 Ways to Dress Up a Home Entry Way

Entry Table

An entry table is the largest piece of furniture you’ll likely use in your entryway. It can be a simple wood table that compliments the colors of your home, or that serves as a pop of color that makes it sand out. The entry way table will hold light, flowers, and other décor and will immediately show guests you have decorated the entrance. It should in a sense disappear and project all that it’s displaying for your guests, unless of course it’s a pop out piece.


Even if you have a chandelier in your entry way, it’s nice to have a lamp or string lights to give the entry way a soft light when you don’t want the overhead light on. It also helps illuminate any flowers you have on the table. If there is no outlet in your entryway, candles will also do the trick. This soft light sets the mood for a calming and warm home.


A mirror is a great addition to a home entry way because it helps make the space feel larger. A lot of times an entry way is a small hall, so with the help of the mirror the space feels more spacious. Also, it helps bounce light into the hall using the lamp or candles on the table. Additionally, a mirror is able to bring in an accent color into your entryway that will be seen in other areas throughout the house. Finally a mirror can introduce an oblong shape into your hallway which can contribute to the theme of your home.

Shoe Bench

A lot of times, people aren’t sure if they are entering a home that prefers no shoes, or a home that doesn’t really care if guests wear shoes. Make it easy for your guests by having a shoe storage area by the front door that doubles as a bench. This way it encourages your guests to take off their shoes as well as gives them a place to put on their shoes when they head out.

Decorative Pillows

Pillows add a touch of warmth and gentleness to a home. Having pillows that say words like “family” “love” and have quotes on them, help invite your guests inside your home right away. These pillows can be stored on the entry bench or any other seating area you have in your entry way. Pillows can physically make the bench or seating area more comfortable if your guests end up sitting in that area for a while.


Including rugs in your home entry way gives your guests an immediate warmth under their feet and helps tie in home designs. If your entry way is decorated with a farmhouse theme, your rug can help communicate the theme to your guests right from the get go. Having a rug in the entry way will also help eliminate dirt from trailing through your home. If you have a matching rug set, the entry way is the perfect area to place of the rugs in the set.

Personalized Décor

Of course the items that really help your guests understand you and the theme of your home are the personalized items you have on your entry way. These items can include photos, souvenirs from past trips or gifts, initials, artwork, and doo-dads that make you happy when entering your home.

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