final walk through checklist

Final Walk Through Checklist

By the time you’re nearing the end of the home buying process, you’re probably excited, exhausted, and ready to start the next chapter of your life. During this time, a lot may have happened to your new home. What you see in the final walk through is what you’re getting, that’s why it’s important to stop and think about this final walk through checklist.

Final Walk Through Checklist

Requested repairs have been made

First and foremost, walk through your home and make sure the seller has fixed any repairs you requested on your new homeowners walk though. Be sure to bring a copy of the home inspector’s report and obtain copies of paid bills and any related warranties. Aside from what you already requested to be repaired, keep an eye out for any new damage that may have happened since the last walk through.

Items included in sales price remain

If the seller told you that they are leaving their appliances and light fixtures, and included them into the price of the home, it’s important that you see them on the final walk through. It could be a total accident that the seller forgot to leave the dining room light fixture, so you want to keep an eye out for those items. You are paying for them after all.

All appliances are working

What good is an existing fridge if it’s not in good shape? It’s ok to walk through the home and turn on every appliance to ensure all appliances work. The house is nearly yours, so you’re welcome to run the garbage disposal and check the gas burners. 

HVAC is working

This is one of the most important things to check on the final walk through checklist. HVAC equipment and labor is costly so you don’t want to have to deal with issues right when you move into your new home. No matter what season, test the heat and the air conditioning to make sure it’s all working.

All personal debris has been moved and house is clean

Unless it’s something you agreed they should leave, make sure it’s out of the home. You want to start fresh in this home and not have to worry about cleaning up after the previous owners.

Check garage and other remotes

Remotes are so small that they could have easily been packed away. What a drag it would be to be locked out of your garage from the outside. And replacing those remotes are costly, so you want to try to avoid having to go through that process. Some items like electric fireplaces, ceiling fans, and thermostats may also have remotes that the sellers accidentally packed, so keep an eye out for these remotes.

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