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Guild Employee Spotlight: Heather Lopez

Guild Tacoma Branch spotlights one employee every month to talk about their position, passions, and hobbies. This month’s spotlight employee is Heather Lopez.

Guild Employee Spotlight: Heather Lopez

Interviewer: What is your position?

Heather Lopez: I am a loan processor at Guild Mortgage Tacoma; I work on Keri Reyes’ processing team. I am in charge of gathering information from the borrower and submitting it to underwriting for approval. I am the point person for the buyer!

I: What’s your favorite thing about Guild?

HL: I love that all departments have an open line of communication with one another. If I have questions for underwriting, I can pick up the phone and talk directly to them, I don’t have to go through a bunch of steps to get my questions answered. This helps the overall mortgage loan process move smoothly and helps us make our close dates. We also sit in the same office as the loan officers, so if they have any questions for me or vice versa, we can walk over and talk in person!

I: What is your advice for first time home buyers?

HL: The best piece of advice I could give to anyone applying for a loan is to listen to your loan officer! Provide as much information about assets, income, and employment upfront. I recently had a buyer who didn’t disclose that they own a few properties upfront that could affect their debt to income ratio. This complicated the process for both underwriting and the buyer as we then needed to collect further documentation.

I: What is one of the first things to work on if you’re looking to buy a home?

HL: It’s always best if you talk with a lender to get pre-approved before you start shopping for a home. This helps the process move faster and shows the seller that you’re a serious buyer. Usually documents are good for 90 days so as long as you purchase before that time, you don’t have to submit documentation twice.

I: What are some of your personal and professional goals?

HL: My biggest personal goal is to pay off my student loans and buy a house with my husband. We currently live in the Renton area and would love to stay in the same area when we buy. Professionally, I am focused on becoming a better processor by learning all the programs I can and using the tools Guild provides to further my studies.

I: What do you like to do on the weekends?

HL: I like to go to parks with my husband and son. Coulon Park in Renton on Lake Washington is our favorite! It has sand and water so it makes for a great day for our family.

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