Guild Mortgage Tacoma Employee Spotlight - Mellisa Hays

Guild Mortgage Tacoma Employee Spotlight – Mellisa Hays

Guild Tacoma Branch will be spotlighting one employee every month to talk about their position, passions, and hobbies. This month’s spotlight employee is Mellisa Hays.

Guild Mortgage Tacoma – Mellisa Hays of the Fornerette Team

Interviewer: What is your team like?

Mellisa Hays: I love my team. We are really jelling well right now. We truly care about each other professionally and personally and enjoy spending time together. I would say our team is seen as energetic and dynamic around the office, and everyone brings something different that strengthens the skills of our team.

I: What do you think you bring to the team?

MH: I would say I’m a strong closer. I have gone through multiple call training classes and am observant of how others close and incorporate those styles into my own. If I can get on the phone with a potential client, I can build a relationship with them and then present the opportunities Guild has to offer.

I: Where were you before Guild?

MH: I spent a good amount of time with Wells Fargo as a personal banker. Then I made the transition to Jr. Loan Officer with Wells Fargo. Michael Fornerette was interested in bringing me over to Guild to join his team as a Loan Officer. I took the leap and the rest is history.

I: What is one thing you want to professionally accomplish before the end of 2017?

MH: I want to be on the path to be a better leader. I was recently accepted into a 1 year leadership program where president and community leaders grow together to be better leaders in their respective fields. I also joined a business coaching program where I work with a coach once a month to develop my leadership skills, read books on leadership principles, tactics, and strategies, and learn how to effectively communicate with people of different personality styles. I have accepted that leadership is an area of growth for me, so I choose to grow from the opportunity and not stay stagnant.

I: Do you take lessons you learn at work, home?

MH: I take a lot of things I do on a daily basis at work, home. Sales skills are important for almost every job in life so lessons like accepting a “no,” organization, and time management are all attributes I try to teach my kids.

I: Who has been one of your greatest mentors, and what have they done to help you grow?

MH: Michael Fornerette has been such a blessing in my life. He is always willing to teach, and he has believed in me from the beginning. I have known him for a long time, so to have a champion for this long, is wonderful. I have learned more from Michael than I could ever imagine.

I: What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

MH: I have a lot of fun with my kids! We like to go on trips down to the ocean, go to the zoo, local parks, pretty much anything outdoors. I am also a huge Seahawks fan, so I am so excited that it’s finally football season! Go Hawks!!

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