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Guild Employee Spotlight – Noelle Baldwin

Guild Tacoma Branch spotlights one employee every month to talk about their position, passions, and hobbies. This month’s spotlight employee is Noelle Baldwin.

Interviewer: What is your position?

Noelle Baldwin: I am the marketing and business development coordinator at Guild Mortgage Tacoma. My every day duties include event planning and promotion, creating flyers for open houses, updating the social media pages, and other ad hoc duties as assigned.

I: Why is your role significant in ensuring the team succeeds?

NB: Marketing is a huge part of any industry. In real estate and mortgage specifically, the team relies heavily on events and hands on functions. Planning and promoting these events take a lot of time, that the sales agents don’t necessarily have. So while they focus on selling and building client relationships, I can help with creating and promoting the events. Mastering our respective roles helps the entire team and company succeed.

I: What is one program you’ve enhanced since you’ve been in your role?

NB: I’ve been in my role for less than a year and the program I’ve enhanced is the event website. So for all events that we host, there is now a user friendly RSVP section where clients can see the details for the event as well as if they’ve already RSVP’d. This alleviates the clients having to take time to reach back out to hear the event details, and it saves time on my end as I compile the guest list.

I: What are some upcoming events?

NB: We have our client appreciation pumpkin patch event coming up on October 13 at Double R Farms. At this event, we give our clients tickets for pumpkins and they are also able to take part in the corn maze, slingshots, and win all sorts of fun prizes. We also host a happy hour every month where we invite clients, agents and partners to celebrate success, and a lunch and learn where we invite agents or consumers to come learn about that month’s topic.

I: What is your favorite part about working at Guild?

NB: I love the team atmosphere. We have a lot of fun and do monthly team builders that help us grow together. Stronger team relationships lead to stronger client relationships!

I: What do you like to do outside of work?

NB: I like to rock climb, snowboard, and travel! I also enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, and eating his delicious meals. He makes a really good pasta!

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