Guild Spotlight - The Fornerette Team at Guild Tacoma’s Community Philanthropy

Guild Spotlight – The Fornerette Team’s Community Philanthropy

The Fornerette Team places high priority in giving back to the community. This focus stems from Michael Fornerette, the Guild Mortgage – Tacoma branch manager, and his willingness to always go above and beyond to participate in his employee’s family’s fundraisers, local school events, and gathering his team to feed the homeless. Michael especially enjoys working with kids, and signs up for multiple events during the year where The Fornerette Team can interact with children. Here are just a few of the philanthropic events from 2017.

Urban League – Tacoma, WA

Girls With Purpose (GWP), a female mentoring group that empowers young women of color, was recognized by attending a celebration event held at a local casino. The Fornerette Team volunteered to put together care packages consisting of giveaways such as pens, gum, hand sanitizer, granola bars, water, and more, and these packages were given out to the young women at the event.

Rescue Mission – Tacoma, WA

The entire Fornerette Team (14 members), visited the Tacoma Rescue Mission to help feed the homeless. They prepared the food, served the food, and then cleaned up after all visitors left the building. The team had a great time and bonded with each other as well as the homeless coming in.

Car Wash – Tacoma, WA

The Fornerette Team joined the child of an employee looking to fundraise for his extracurricular sport club. The team brought their Guild table with giveaway prizes, donuts, and car fresheners. The kids enjoyed teaming up to work with the Guild Team, and overall earned around $1,500 during the car wash.

Gift Basket Giveaways

Michael enjoys helping out families of employees when they are throwing auctions for certain events. Recently, Michael donated a large Starbucks gift basket benefitting Emerald Ridge High School. In the past Michael has donated gift baskets to chili feeds, golfing tournaments, and bingo nights.

The Fornerette Team enjoys helping out the Tacoma community, and uses this time as team bonding time too. This Holiday season The Fornerette Team is planning on sponsoring families for Thanksgiving and Christmas so these children can experience the magic of the holidays with families in the community. Stay tuned for more philanthropic community news from the Fornerette team!


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