Guild Employee Spotlight on Bryony Scharnett

Guild Employee Spotlight – Bryony Scharnett

Our most recent Guild Mortgage – Tacoma Branch Fornerette Team employee spotlight is on Bryony Scharnett. Find out more about her position, passions, and hobbies.

Fornerette Team Employee Spotlight – Bryony Scharnett

Q: What is your position at Guild?

Bryony Scharnett: I am the team captain for the Fornerette Team at Guild Tacoma Branch. I came from being a loan officer for 13 years, and decided it was time to change up my roles. I had never been on a team before, so working on this team has immensely impacted my life! Our team is like a breathing entity. If we don’t continue to feed it positive energy, it won’t survive! It’s easy to be negative, but negativity gets you nowhere! While my main role isn’t one of a loan officer, I tend to help clients who need more specific instruction closing their loan.

Q: Tell me about a recent success story.

Bryony Scharnett: We just completed a loan for an attorney who thought she was out of luck when she first came to us. She tended to pay her bills late, and didn’t continuously monitor her credit score. Once she initially called me I told her we needed to help her repair her credit, and then move into starting the loan. In the end, we helped her close a loan for over $800,000 and she was so excited and grateful. She was disheartened at first when we told her she needed to repair her credit, but was so thankful for us at Guild once everything was complete. I believe everyone has a story and it is not our place to judge anyone’s situation. Some people go down a road so far and they don’t know how to turn it around. Being compassionate helps us connect with our clients and makes the overall process more enjoyable – for both sides!

Q: What are the most important traits in a leader?

Bryony Scharnett: Trust, Loyalty, and communication. Trust is the foundation of a team because if you don’t trust your leader to have your back and to have a plan to reach the goal, it’s hard to have team buy-in. Sometimes it takes people’s leaders believing in them so that they can believe in themselves. A leader’s loyalty keeps the group tight knit and more adaptable for change. If the team is listening to the leader at all times, it’s easier to quickly shift the way things are done if need be. Good communication is the key to staying on the same page as your team. If something isn’t working, openly communicate it, so it can be resolved as soon as possible.

Q: What was your favorite thing you did this summer?

Bryony Scharnett: A lot of things!! I love my team, so anytime we hang out outside of work, it’s a great time. We had a photo scavenger hunt where we had to find a select object, and then take a photo of it. We also spent a weekend at a cabin in Suncadia and rented wave runners, and just really got to spend some quality time with each other. Like I said, I’m madly in love with my team, so finding new ways to laugh together is one of my favorite ways to spend a summer.


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