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Guild Employee Spotlight – Lauren Beardsley

Guild Tacoma Branch will be spotlighting one employee every month to talk about their position, passions, and hobbies. This month’s spotlight employee is Lauren Beardsley.

Interviewer: What is your position?

Lauren Beardsley: I am a loan processor for The Fornerette Team, and I’ve been in this position for a little over a year now. I don’t directly contact clients as I work mostly with the loan vendors (insurance, title, escrow) and organizing documents to send to underwriting.

I: How would you describe working on The Fornerette Team?

Lauren Beardsley: I love working on The Fornerette Team, and I love my job! Our team meets every morning to discuss every single file. In the mortgage business things can change drastically in an hour, so we meet each morning to make sure we’re caught up on changes that have occurred overnight and are on the same page as we start each day. Michael Fornerette also does a great job in making sure we mesh personally as well as professionally. We go on monthly team outings to make sure we are taking care of one another inside and outside of the workplace. Most recently we’ve gone to laser tag, an escape room, and putt putt golfing. It’s great to work on a team where relationships among members are valued.

I: That sounds like a lot of fun! What kind of  professional goals do you have for the next couple years?

Lauren Beardsley: Well before I was a loan processor, I was a loan processing assistant, so my goal in the next couple years would be to continue on this path and take on a lead processing position. Eventually I’d love to be an operations manager, but that’s years away! It’s important to thrive in each position before moving to the next, so I’m working to perfect my role before moving onto a new position.

I: What is the Fornerette Team experience like to a client?

Lauren Beardsley: Working with The Fornerette Team, a client will always know where they are in the loan process. Our team sends out weekly emails to update clients on where they are in the process, as well as ask any questions or request documents we need from them. The Fornerette Team’s customer service is top notch as we’re always available and if we aren’t we contact back right away. We are also transparent so if there is an issue we will let the client know right away, so flags can be caught before they become significant. Finally, we’ll be your trusted source. We build strong relationships with our clients because we know we are nurturing a relationship as well as a loan. Clients are likely to tell their friends and family if they’ve had a good experience and that’s exactly what we want!

I: What do you like to do outside of work?

Lauren Beardsley: I am very close with my family, so we like to spend a lot of time together. We will see movies, go bowling, and go wine tasting. Leavenworth is my favorite place to go wine tasting, there are so many wineries and it’s beautiful over there! With my friends we just do random activities! Some days we’re at the zoo, other days we are enjoying happy hours after work. My friends and family are important to me so I make sure to spend a lot of my free time hanging out with them!

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