items to toss for new year

Ring in the New Year by Throwing Out these Household Items

A New Year means a fresh start. For many people this means meal planning, going to the gym, spending more time with loved ones, and picking up a new hobby. But what better platform to launch all of these resolutions than a clean house? Check out these common household items you can do without, so you can toss them and start the New Year in a more organized home.

Bring in the New Year by throwing stuff out in 6 places in your home.


It’s no secret that everyone has expired food in their pantry, cabinets, and refrigerator. Take some time to thoroughly go through your food supply and get rid of all expired food. This could be cans, condiments, spices, and/or toppings. While you’re looking through your cabinets, throw out any ratty dish towels you aren’t using anymore, and any plastic containers that don’t have matching lids. As much as you think “oh I’ll use this someday” you likely haven’t used it yet, and it will just take up precious space in your kitchen.


Bathroom cabinets and drawers are really good at hiding expired products, so we don’t see them every day. Go through these cabinets and dispose of any expired sunblock, make up, medicine, and lotions. Another good way to free up space is to remove old air fresheners/potpourri that have lost their scent. With a clean bathroom, you’ll start every day with a fresh and clean mind without any old unpleasing scents.

Bedroom Closet

This one could take a while. Go through your bedroom closet and set aside the pieces of clothing that don’t fit or you simply don’t wear anymore. Organize your piles into pieces you want to sell/donate/or throw depending on the condition of the article of clothing. While you’re in your closet, go through your shoes and think about the pairs you actually wear. Get rid of all shoes that are uncomfortable or are too worn down. Finally, go through your sock drawer and throw any socks that are missing their pair (unless mismatched socks don’t bother you).

Home Office

Wouldn’t it be nice if our offices were always perfectly tidy with our paperwork nicely organized? Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen that way; life gets in the way sometimes. Go through all the paperwork on your desk and file away important documents, and shred unneeded confidential documents. Also take a minute to test your pens. If pens are going to sit on your desk and take up valuable room, they should work. Finally, look at our desk and determine what tools are most important. Often times we have items on our desks that we never use, but they take up work space. Store all of the smaller items currently cluttering up your desk in a drawer or a bookshelf storage bin.


Sometimes the garage turns into a vast collection of “I’ll store this in here for now and put it away later” items. Look at what you have stored and ask yourself if you actually use all the items in your garage. Consider selling or donating the stack of books you have already read, or donating the sports equipment your child out grew years ago. Use garage storage shelves and bins to organize loose items. Once you’ve cleared room in your garage you can use it for other things such as a home workout space, a lounge for your kids to hang out in, or a place to park your cars.


Speaking of cars, clean out your car for the new year. Get rid of loose receipts, fast food bags, clothes, and empty water bottles that are hanging out on the floor of your car or are piling up in the trunk. Adding a small plastic bag to your car so you have a place to store your trash will help you keep the garage level to a low, and keep your car smelling fresh.

Check out this Boston Globe article – Today’s Families are Prisoners of their Own Clutter for more home organization inspiration!


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