Move By Yourself While Your Spouse is Deployed

How to Move By Yourself While Your Spouse is Deployed

Moving from one city to another, having to pack up your whole life is intimidating, especially when you have to do it alone. If you’re a military spouse, there may be a time when your spouse is deployed and you are responsible for packing up your entire home. Although this may seem frightening, there are several tips on how to move by yourself while your spouse is deployed to make life a bit easier.

How to Move By Yourself While Your Spouse is Deployed


Making a list is one of the key things to do when you move by yourself while your spouse is deployed. Before you even begin packing, create a list of important things to remember. This list might also be in the form of a timelines so you can be sure to hit all of the important to do’s before you have to be out. This is especially helpful for small details that can be easily lost in the moving process. You can keep the list on your phone, or simply on a piece of paper that can easily fit into a purse or bag. It’s also a good idea to make copies of your list, so if it gets lost, you can stay on track.

Research new home

Knowing what’s around your new home will come in handy. Before moving in, be sure to research and star important places in your new city so you know exactly where the nearest amenities are. Knowing in advance what grocery store to go to will save you the headache of scrambling to find stores you need when you’re in the midst of unpacking.


Instead of packing up your entire life and unpacking on the other end just to find out you don’t want some of the stuff, just doesn’t make sense. To prevent the hassle, de-clutter your home before you start packing. Make three piles – keep, donate, throw away and label your belongings in those categories. It might make more work for you prior to moving, but you’ll be glad you did when you get to your new home with only the things you want in the new house.

Unpack wisely

Unpacking well is just as important as packing well. It’s critical that the packers place your boxes in the correct rooms after they have set up your furniture. The last thing you want to do is use your precious energy to move heavy boxes full of books from the bathroom upstairs to the office downstairs. It’s best to start unpacking your room first, then hit the kids’ rooms, the family rooms, then lastly the garage. This way at the end of a long and laborious moving day, you and the kids will have a place to sleep.

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