Importance of Client Appreciation - Upcoming Event on Oct. 28

Importance of Client Appreciation – Upcoming Event on Oct. 28

Client appreciation is a pillar of what we do at Guild Mortgage Tacoma Branch. We work with a lot of different buyers and realtor partners, and with every one of our clients, we like to say thank you in more ways than just words. Here are the main reasons we strongly believe in client appreciation.

Deeper Relationship with Clients

Every relationship, professional and personal is stronger once you get to know each other. We have our clients fill out hobby interest forms right away so we can get to know what clients like to do for fun in addition to what they do for work. If one of our client talks about his passion for football, and that they go to college tailgates every weekend in the fall, it gives us a way to connect with him personally. We may send him a football themed gift for his birthday, or send him tickets to a game as a token of our gratitude. With a deeper relationship, comes more comfort in asking hard questions knowing there is no judgement coming from both sides.

Becomes Trusted Advisor

The relationship with a lender does not end after you are handed the keys to your home. We want to be there for you when you have questions about refinancing, selling, and buying again. Chances are if you had a great experience working with us at Guild, you are going to tell your friends and family about how we helped you through the process. It’s not just a loan but a trusted advisor for life. Appreciation breeds the opportunity for more relationships.

Smoothens Out Process for Buyers

When we have strong relationships with realtors it really smooths out the process for them and their buyers. If we start to understand the lives of the realtors we work with, we know the best time to contact them during the day to get the fastest answer to ensure the process moves quickly. We also understand the types of buyers they work with, i.e., new construction vs. resale, location based. Because we understand these relators, we have information they need before they even ask. If the realtor has a strong relationship with the lender, the buyer feels more confident in their choice of realtor and lender as well as more confidence in the entire buying process.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Once we get to know our realtors, we can help sponsor them in their passions and client appreciation events. We like to show support in our client’s and realtor partner’s lives in and outside of work. We’ve sponsored realtor’s children’s fundraising events, realtor recommended community service projects, and we are most recently sponsoring a realtor with a pumpkin patch client appreciation event at Spooner Farms in Puyallup on October 28th, from 1-4pm. Keep your eyes peeled for a video of the event in the coming weeks!


The Fornerette Team at Guild Tacoma Branch is committed to providing their clients with the highest level of service. Our mission and passion is to work with home buyers to fulfill the dream of home ownership. We build lasting relationships that create value and stand the test of time.

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