michael fornerette at guild mortgage tacoma

Why I Chose to Work With Michael Fornerette at Guild Mortgage Tacoma

My name is Chris San Nicolas and I chose Michael Fornerette at Guild Mortgage Tacoma to help us with our VA loan. My story is similar to a lot of Veterans out there trying to buy a home with a VA loan. We felt that if we could work with a lender that could get us into the 30 day closing period we would be lucky. And everything has gone exactly to plan while working with Michael Fornerette at Guild Mortgage Tacoma. It’s even freaked us out a little bit! It feels amazing to have someone who is on our side ready to help us win, even when we’ve been told by other lenders that it’s not possible.

We had a previous VA home loan in 2008 during the house bubble. When I left Washington state to move to Washington DC for a job, that process led to us losing the house. The Veterans Association told us we would have to pay to guarantee before we could use the loan. Every lender after that was like “yeah you can’t use your VA loan…” So we just decided we weren’t going to use the VA loan since we were being advised that it wasn’t possible.

So when we met Michael Fornerette at Guild Mortgage Tacoma, he was like “oh no, you have entitlement still” and of course we were like “what do you mean?” Michael and his team have an incredible depth of knowledge of the Veteran Loan process and made getting a VA home loan again possible. He told us that the VA loan used in 2008 was only a portion of our entire entitlement, based on my Veteran status. So once we heard that we had entitlement and the loan amount we were approved for, my wife and I were in right away.

It makes all the difference to find the right lender who will help you reach your housing goals.

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