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6 Tips for a Successful Open House in Pierce County

Holding quality open houses is a great strategy to attract prospective buyers and convert them from “just looking to buy a home” to seriously researching new homes.” Make the most out of your open houses using these 6 tips.

6 Tips for a Successful Open House in Pierce County

Offer refreshments

Buyers will appreciate the extra touch of free beverages and snacks that they can enjoy while looking through your home. Sticking to finger food will prevent the need for utensils, and keep your home free of trash. By offering refreshments, your home will stand out as warm and welcoming and could help lead to another serious showing to buyers.

Clean and organize closets and drawers

You never know what prospective buyers will looks through when walking through your home. The last thing you want is for them to look through your drawers an cabinets only to find clutter and trash that you’ve tucked away. Consider spending some time organizing your drawers and cabinets to the point where you’d be ok for a prospective buyer to see.

Keep the pets out

As much as you love your pets, an open house in Pierce County is not the time to show your affection. Some people are allergic to pet hair and could get ill from walking through your home. Additionally, if prospective buyers have had a bad experience will pets like yours in the past, that alone could be enough to drive them away from purchasing your home. You don’t want your pets to distract prospective buyers from looking at your home, since that is what they came to do.

Keep the smell neutral

Open your windows the day before an open house to allow fresh air to fill your home. You don’t want your home to be smelling like cigarettes, perfume, or last night’s fish dinner. It’s best to keep your home smelling as neutral as possible so the smell doesn’t make a good or bad impression on the home. Consider cleaning all surfaces, and textiles before you open your home to the public.

Prop the front door

Curb appeal says a lot about a home, and the front door is an important part of that. Keep it open so those walking by will be intrigued to the festivities inside. If it’s closed, prospective buyers may not be positive if there is an open house, if they have the wrong time or the wrong hours. By keeping your door open, you’re also making in it easier for the prospective buyers to leave seamlessly and not have to fiddle with the door on the way out.

Set the thermostat to a comfortable setting

You want prospective buyers to be comfortable at your open house in Pierce County, and the interior temperature plays a big role in that. Set your home’s thermostat to about 70 degrees to create a pleasant atmosphere. If your home is too cold or too warm, prospective buyers will want to hurry through your home since they are uncomfortable with the temperature.

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