preventing package theft

Package Theft: Tips to Prevent

Now that holiday shopping is in full force, we’re expecting multiple packages to arrive. Unfortunately, with the influx of package deliveries in the US comes an increase in package theft. Here are 5 tips to prevent package theft.

Package Theft: Tips to Prevent

Have packages delivered somewhere else

Since porch pirates circle around neighborhoods looking for boxes to take, consider having your packages delivered to one of your office buildings. There will likely be someone present to accept packages during hours you wouldn’t normally be at home, which decreases the chances of package theft. Another option is having your packages delivered to the actual retailer you bought from, or Amazon locker for you to pick up.

Home security

Security cameras may not prevent packages, but they will be able to catch footage of the package thief should you become a target of package theft. A camera can also let you know exactly when your packages are delivered so if you’re just away at the store, you can come back to bring in your packages.


If you plan to take a vacation during the holidays, communicate with your neighbors to either collect packages and bring them into their house, or leave them a key so they can quickly place them in your house. Additionally, this can alert them that if you’re out of town, no one should be walking up to your porch at all. Having highly aware neighbors prevents package theft from spreading across the neighborhood.

Leave instructions

When you order an item, consider leaving directions for delivery. For example, if you have a beam or a tall plant on your front porch, it would be good to tell the delivery person to leave the package behind the beam or plant so it’s not visible from the street. Simply leaving instructions can help prevent package theft as you’ve carefully thought out the location of the package.

Delivery dates

If you’re going to be out of town on specific days, consider ordering your items before you leave or after you get back from your trip. It’s best to order when you can plan on someone being home. Amazon has recently implemented a feature where you can choose your delivery day. So if you are able to work from home one day a week, you can schedule delivery on that day. If your travel schedule is sporadic, make arrangements for a friend or neighbor to pick up packages for you.

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