reasons home owners remodel

The Top 5 Reasons Home Owners Remodel

Millions of home owners remodel their homes each year. Whether you’re thinking about remodeling a large section of your home, or simply upgrading an appliance or two, check out the top 5 reasons home owners remodel their homes.

The Top 5 Reasons Home Owners Remodel

More space

Perhaps the most common reason to remodel is to add space. Home owners may choose to add additional rooms to the home, additional floors, or create an outdoor living area for a more livable space outdoors. For example, if you’re living in a booming market, such as Seattle or San Francisco, remodeling your home to add space will cost less than buying a new home that has more bedrooms. It will also pay off to remodel in this situation as the equity will grow with the house.

Upgrade appliances, cabinets, fixtures, counters

Like any trend, home trends change over time. If your house was built a few decades ago, chances are that the appliances, cabinets, fixtures, and counters are out of date. Remember when linoleum was in? Now, not so much. Revamping your living spaces like the kitchen and bathrooms can give your home an entirely new feel without moving to a whole new house. Replacing light fixtures can set the tone in a room with the style and the choice of bulb.

Create a floor plan that’s more your style

If your kitchen is in a completely different room than your dining room which is in a different room than your living room, you might remodel to create a more open floor plan. By knocking a few walls out, you can create a social area that’s great for entertaining and dinner parties. Another example is if you need to transform your home into an ADA modified home. You might remodel your home by widening the hallways and adding the necessary appliances.

Improve energy efficiency

If you have doors and windows that let air into your home, you’ve probably had the thought to replace them. This would improve energy efficiency in your home as well as lower your heat/AC bill. You may also think about replacing washer/dryer sets to become more energy efficient with a focus on conserving water. Because of the chance to decrease utility costs, improving energy efficiency is one of the main reasons home owners remodel their homes.

Increase resale value of the home

Pretty much any remodeling project you take on will increase the resale value of the home. For example, say you buy a brand new home, but it doesn’t have any outdoor living space. So you gather your friends and build a deck in the back that allows you an outdoor living space. Yes you may have spent money on the materials, but you will get most of that back in the resale price of the home.

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