Renovations resale value

Renovations With The Best Resale Value

Homeowners and prospective buyers look at a home very differently so it’s important that you as the homeowner understand what shows the most value when considering selling your home. Before you put your home on the market, see if you are able to complete these renovations for the best resale value.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are an important area to focus on as they are considered one of the most effective rooms to renovate. For downstairs bathrooms, consider changing the paint color, updating bathroom vanities, replacing shower heads, and updating hardware on shelves. Especially popular are improvements to master bathrooms. These renovations could include expanding the size of the shower, replacing the tub with a free standing tub, and installing flow reducers in the shower and sinks.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is the most popular type of flooring to home buyers since it shows as classic and elegant. Depending on the space, adding new wood floors can be surprisingly affordable. If you have pets, hardwood laminate or engineered hardwood are effective alternatives. These types of hardwood hide scratches, are easier to clean, and easier to maintain. Some homeowners also choose to insert bamboo flooring which is another suitable option.


One of the least expensive ways to renovate your home is to give your home a fresh paint job. Changing wall colors can completely transform a space and is one of the simplest renovations that can be altered in the future. If you decided to get creative with one of your rooms, and you don’t think potential buyers will be impressed, simply paint over the current color and you’ll have a blank space where potential homebuyers can envision their décor.

Curb Appeal

Having a nicely landscaped yard and porch décor can draw people into your open house. A buyer gets their first impression from the exterior of your home so any improvements you make will be valuable. The décor you have on your front porch is important to think about. Make sure it’s clean and neat, and current to the season. If you have a garden, make sure the plants are healthy and leaves are picked up.

Outdoor Living

If you don’t currently have an outdoor living space, consider building one to the back or front of your home. This gives the prospective buyers an idea of how they can spend time outside enjoying their home. Salvaged wood is commonly used to build decks. Once you’ve made your outdoor living space, furnish it with some patio furniture and a grill to really help your prospective buyers get an idea of how they will use the space.

Fixture Upgrades

Fixture renovations can dramatically update your home. Change out half dome lights with modern square lights, take away dated chandeliers and replace with can lights. Even changing door knobs can drastically change the look of your home. Other upgrades could include updating kitchen cabinets pulls, towel racks, and sink heads.

Add Storage

Not only will adding storage help you in storing your items, but potential homebuyers will see this as a big plus when comparing your house to other houses. Options to consider include built in pantries, walk in closets, garage shelving, and benches that double as chests. You can also think about adding shelves above your washer/dryer as extra linen storage.


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