Sell Your House This Fall for More Money

Sell Your House This Fall for More Money

If you’re gearing up to sell your home but don’t know the best time, Fall is actually an opportune time where you can sell your home for more money. With high home demand, picturesque settings, and less competition, your home can sell for more. Take a look at these 6 ways to take advantage of selling your home in the Fall.

Demand is high!

The demand for your home may never be stronger than now. With a shortage of inventory nationwide, your home will look attractive to many potential buyers in this seller’s market. According to the August 2017 Relator Confidence Index Survey, homes in Washington State stayed on the market for an average of 19 days from the months of June-August 2017 and the trend continues into the fall months.

Picturesque settings

With autumn foliage surrounding your home, potential buyers will be intrigued to take a look at your property. Buyers want to walk in and feel like they can imagine what their life would be like if they moved into your home. Setting the scene with the fire on and lighting candles can help them imagine their lives more easily. Take advantage of the natural color in and around your home and hire a photographer to take photos to publicize your property on social media.

Declutter & depersonalize

Family photos here and there are acceptable, but cluttering your home with knick-knacks will take away from the potential buyer’s view of your home. Buyers want light and creamy and very neutral colors. So if you have an exciting wall paper on your wall, it may be time to consider removing the wallpaper. Even if you have a jersey of every team in the NFL showcased in your bonus room, they must be put away so your potential buyers can have a full opportunity to imagine their life in your home.

Rid your home of holiday madness

Along the same lines, make sure that you keep decorations to a minimum while you are showing your home. Don’t put up one of the inflatable pumpkins in front of your home because buyers will get distracted and won’t be looking past the pumpkin to your actual home. Distractions cause loss of sales. Plus, certain holiday decorations may put off certain buyers.

Brighten and lighten spaces

If you have a room in your home that tends to feel dark, add some light before you open up your home to the public. Table and floor lamps are efficient ways to brighten up a room as well as decorate. If there is a window in the dark room, consider placing a mirror across from the winder so the sunlight reflects off the mirror, producing more light in the room. These are a few inexpensive ways to show off your place.

Emphasize mother nature

With gorgeous Fall foliage outside, make sure potential buyers can see to the outside by cleaning your windows and opening blinds to let natural light through. Also consider trimming you bushes, raking the leaves in the back yard, and adding some flowers or plants to the front porch to give your entrance a pop of color. This will invite your potential buyers to see the rest of your home and boost your curb appeal.


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