5 Ways to Get More Money When Selling a Home in the Pacific Northwest

5 Tips Could Help You Get More When Selling a Home in the Pacific Northwest

Today’s Pacific Northwest home buyers want what all home buyers want as well as a few perks that only come to Puget Sound area home owners. If you’re getting ready to sell your home and move to a new area, move up to a larger home or downsize to something smaller, here are five things you can do that might help you get a bigger return when your home sells.

Want to sell your Puget Sound area home for more? The team at Guild Mortgage Tacoma recommends these five home seller tips.

1. Know what your next play is going to be.

Few regions in the country have real estate markets as competitive as the current climate in the Puget Sound region, including Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue and other areas in King, Pierce, Snohomish and Thurston counties. In many cases buyers are well-prepared to offer home sellers significantly above asking price and have worked out the means of making all-cash offers.  Many buyers have lost other home deals because they weren’t ready to wheel and deal and move fast, and as a consequence, many Pacific Northwest home buyers are looking for quick moves.

If you have a firm plan for when YOU want to move as well as contingencies for buyers who offer a higher price, all cash and other home selling maximizers, your flexibility could help you get more when you sell your home. If you can’t accommodate buyer requests for a fast sale then you might lose out to a more well-prepared home seller.

If part of your next play is buying a new home, getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan from the team at Guild Mortgage-Tacoma could make the difference if you need to make your own move quickly. Reach out to us for a no-pressure, free consultation and we’ll help you take the next step.

2. Fix all the first impressions.

No matter how much attention you pay to curb appeal it’s important to know that there are other first impressions to worry about, and you need to fix them all. The first moment on the front porch. The first impression when they walk into the house. The first impression they get when they see the kitchen. The first impression when they open the door to the garage or the laundry room or the master bedroom or the backyard.

Remember as well that you see your home each and every day. As a result you may not notice some of the poor first impressions your home could be making, and which impact the buyers desire to own your home.

Make sure that you are working with a real estate agent who is experienced and able to help you identify items which can improve the first impression your home is making with potential buyers. Ask someone you trust, like a neighbor, friend or family member to walk through your home with the eyes of a potential buyer and identify things they like and don’t like.

3. Maximize any and all views.

Water. Mountains. Forest. Pacific Northwest home owners enjoy living in one of the most beautiful regions of the planet, let alone the United States. Draw attention with staging, open the window treatments – heck – make a sign to leave on the kitchen counter telling prospective buyers about the amazing views they will enjoy when they live here.

4. List area amenities.

Live within walking distance of stores, shopping, schools, parks and other amenities? Don’t assume home buyers know all of the nearby destinations that might make them fall in love with your home’s location and be prepared to fight for it!  Close to jobs or freeways? Commuter’s need to know! Not-so-close? It’s an oasis! A getaway! Entertainment like movie theaters, bowling alleys, family fun centers, fairgrounds, casinos, comedy clubs, music venues and other destinations? Put it on the list! Leave a list of nearby amenities and location advantages on the kitchen counter and provide it via email to the realtors who stop by with potential buyers.

5. Pull on the heart strings.

You have to make buyers fall in love with your home. When buyers form an emotional attachment to the idea of living in your house they will be less likely to float a low-ball offer and may even be prepared to pull out all the stops and offer above asking in order to make sure you accept their offer, and not that of another buyer.

While you do want to neutralize and minimize the way you personalized the home in terms of photos and décor, that doesn’t mean you can’t tell your home’s story. Leave out a few photos showing that time your husband carried you over the threshold, how you painted the nursery, when your kid took their first steps, when you brought home that new puppy or bought a new car.  Leave a note to buyers on the counter saying what you’ve loved about the house, the yard, the neighborhood. You lived here and your lives happened here. Make sure that prospective buyers have reasons to believe it is a happy house that they, too, will love living in.