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Small Business Spotlight on Larissa Butler of My Puget Sound Homes – Keller Williams

This month, we want to spotlight My Puget Sound Homes Team of Keller Williams. This team was recently named the number one team of the Federal Way office of Keller Williams. We sat down with Larissa Butler, a Buyer’s Specialist on the team to learn more about her and the team.

Fornerette Team Blog Spotlight on Larissa Butler – My Puget Sound Homes

Interviewer: What is your position?

Larissa Butler: I am a buyer’s specialist on the team. Our team is comprised of 5 team members on the sales side and 5 team members on the admin side. I work with other buyer’s specialist’s on the sales side. I consult first time home buyers as well as help people purchase new homes after they’ve listed their current homes.

I: What drew you into Keller Williams?

LB: A family friend works for Keller Williams and actually sold my parents their home when I was four years old. And then about three years ago, she also sold me my first home. We would go out to brunch with her often and one time I asked her if real estate was something I would be good at and could make a career out of. And before we knew it, I was asking her questions about what part of real estate I would fit into and if there were open positions on her team.

I: Did you go to school for business?

LB: I originally studied finance and economics from the University of Washington, but didn’t find a passion for working specifically in those fields. I was looking for a people oriented job because I love teaching and explaining new ideas and concepts to people. The Keller Williams culture is energetic and gives everyone the opportunity to share and to learn. Keller Williams was recently named Forbes #1 happiest place to work, so you can imagine why I was drawn to work at this company.

I: What are some of your long term goals?

LB: As I master this role, I have a goal to become a lead buyer’s agent on the team and eventually create a new expansion team into a new market. I’m fairly new in this role so I’m working to reach my first years’ goals at the moment. I also am interested in joining networking groups in my community.

I: Can you describe a time when you worked through a tough buying process with a client?

LB: One of my buyers was a first time home buyer in his mid 30’s and was very nervous of the thought of putting his life savings into a house. He was specifically looking for a large shop where he could fix up cars, so we kept that in mind when looking for homes. When we found a house, there was a slew of problems, including having to completely redo the roof. Once we got though everything, the client was extremely satisfied with his home.

The biggest thing I enjoy is helping people understand growing long term wealth. With my background in economics I enjoy looking at the value of homes, what they are projected to be in the future, and how the market will affect the value of these homes.

I: What do are your hobbies outside of work?

LB: I am very passionate about interior design and decorating my house. I also love working on refinishing furniture. I’ve refinished multiple dressers as well as recently refinished a corner chair. Additionally, I love spending time with my husband and my pets. I have 1 dog and 3 birds that occupy a lot of my free time.

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