taking advantage of your military discount

Taking Advantage of Your Military Discount

Military discounts are a tremendous benefit available for active military families, active service members, and retirees. From shopping online to dining out, saving 10% here and 15% there can really add up. Follow these tips to taking advantage of your military discount.

Taking Advantage of Your Military Discount

Find the Discount

One of the first steps in taking advantage of your military discount is finding the discounts. If you are an avid online shopper, you may notice that some retailers have military discounts in bold letters on their websites, while others are hidden in the fine print. Because of this, it’s important to search for the discount because chances are the retailer you’re interested in offers some sort of discount. There is no hurt in asking, especially when you could be saving significant money.


If you found a lawn mower online at Home Depot but want to buy it from Lowes since it’s closer to your home, but the price is different, look to see if you can take advantage of price matching policies. Stores are always competing for your business, so if you can price-match you should! Typically auction sites such as eBay or Craigslist aren’t considered competitors and may not qualify for the lowest price available for price-matching.

Stack Coupons

Every store has a different policy when it comes to stacking coupons. Look into a retailers policy on combining your military discount with holiday promotions. Sometimes you are able to stack your military discount on top of benefits if you have a store loyalty card as well. Again, it doesn’t hurt to ask especially when you can save additional dollars.

Shipping Discounts

Larger companies like Amazon ship to APOs and FPOs. By utilizing forwarding services, you can have a package mailed to a family member and forwarded onto you for less. If possible, picking up an item in the store will save you shipping costs as well. Now if you have Amazon Prime then you’re used to free shipping on all a majority of items on Amazon, but if you don’t consider utilizing these forwarding services.


So in conclusion, as a Veteran or Service Member, you have made the ultimate sacrifice and are typically rewarded at retailers. Asking retailers about their military policies will most of the time result in saving money for you, so why not try it out! If all you need to reap a discount is your military ID, there’s no reason not to try.

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