6 tricks make a small home feel more spacious

6 Tricks Can Help Make a Small Home Feel More Spacious

If you have a small home and it’s time to sell, you might be looking for ways to make your small home feel more spacious. In lieu of drawing up blueprints and spending big bucks to physically build out your home, check out these six simple ways you can make a small home look and feel more spacious.

6 Ways to Make a Small Home Feel More Spacious When You’re Trying to Sell

Divide and conquer

Split one room into two by using tall furniture that acts as a wall and place area rugs to designate two separate areas. Not only does the bookshelf divide the room up but it’s also accessible from both sides so it’s serving a dual purpose. Additionally, open shelving lets light through while creating privacy and boundaries. Adding area rugs and lamps to designate sides will also create a warm separate room.

Under bed storage

No one ever looks under your bed, so take advantage of the space. Long skinny items such as wrapping paper, snowboards, bulletin boards etc. are great pieces to store under your bed as they can slide right under without being a pain to take out when you need them. You can also hide the items by using a bed skirt to cover up the edges. This will keep your rooms feeling spacious.

Multipurpose furniture

A sit-stand desk serves as a mobile workspace and a small dining table. You could also use it as a side table at the end of your couch. Another idea is to move it to the kitchen as an extended countertop or a rolling desk in the living room. Additionally, using benches that have storage underneath the lid are also great ways to multipurpose furniture. The goal is to have as little pieces of furniture with the most amount of functionality and storage to keep your home feeling spacious.

Get things off the floor

Having a clean floor space will make walkways wider and your rooms cleaner. More visible floor space means a bigger feeling room. Reclaim your bedroom floor space with utility shoe rack. This way your shoes aren’t piling up on the side of your room and are also eliminating a lot of debris from roaming around your room. These shelves can also serve as accessory shelves holding bags and tools in your closet.

Open up the kitchen

Think about using cabinets that have glass in the front so your eyes keep looking past the cabinet. This also allows the sunlight to beam into your cabinets and shine on your dining ware. Also, think about using open shelving. It ads vertical storage and your dishes and cookware add color and texture to the space. Finally, consider using a rollaway island that doubles as a dishwasher. You can pull it out when you need more room to cut your vegetables, but push it to the side when you need more kitchen space and want to run the dishes.

Use white

White walls reflect light which helps make a room feel more expansive. Paint your walls white and add mirrors to really make a small space feel larger. Placing mirrors along your staircase is a trick to add depth to your hallway. Using white/light furniture as opposed to solid wood furniture is another way to keep the room feeling spacious. Sticking to neutral colors for furniture will help your space feel larger than it really is.


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