words to sell houses in tacoma

Magic Words to Sell Houses in Tacoma

Even in a seller’s market, it’s imperative that you use the right words in your listing description to sell your home for the highest value. Take a look at these magic words to sell houses in Tacoma.

Magic Words to Sell Houses in Tacoma


With more and more millennials making the decision to buy every day, it’s important to point out any energy efficient features of your home. These features could be the green appliances, the energy efficiency rating of your home, energy efficient lighting, solar panels, or sustainable resources used to make your home. Energy efficiency is very important o young buyers.


A majority of buyers think they have too much stuff, and are looking for a house to fit all of their said belongings. If your home has an extra-large garage, multiple linens closets, game closets, and built in storage nooks, point it out in your listing description. Talking about your storage is one of the magic words to sell houses in Tacoma.


Listings that use the keyword ”landscaping” sell 20% faster than ads without. Sure the idea of a nice yard and garden sounds nice, but if the buyer must create themselves, it can be overwhelming. If your home has landscaping included, be sure to point in our in your listing. Additionally, taking photos of the landscaping will help buyers see the true value in your landscaped yard.

Brand Names

If you plan to leave your appliances in your home when you sell it, be sure to point out the advantages of these appliances. For example, if a buyer sees that you are leaving a Whirlpool dishwasher and microwave, and an LG washer/dryer/refrigerator they will be more excited than if you leave out the brand names.

Move-In Ready

“Move in ready” are magic words to sell houses in Tacoma. Advertising that the space has been cleaned, inspected, and can close in a timely fashion is appealing for buyers. This helps buyers avoid having to find an interim apartment to live in if there is a gap between when they move out of their home and into yours.

Huge Master Suite

A lot of time is spent in the master suite, so letting the buyer know that the space is large and includes a bathroom can help you sell your home faster in Tacoma. Buyers can see the overall square footage, so if the master is considerably large, it’s good to point in out so your buyers can visualize the space.

Open Floor Plan

A great floor plan can overcome many objections, including overall square footage of the home. Good flow can maximize space and help the buyer visualize how they can entertain in the space. Most home buyers today want an open floor plan so highlighting that your home features and open floor plan will help your home sell faster.

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