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WSHFC and Their Partnership with The Fornerette Team at Guild Tacoma

On October 11, Lisa DeBrock and Corinna Obar from the Washington State Housing Finance Commission (WSHFC) visited The Fornerette Team at Guild Mortgage Tacoma. See what they had to say about the WSHFC and their partnership with The Fornerette Team and Guild Tacoma.

Interviewer: Tell us about the WSHFC’s partnership with Guild.

Lise DeBrock: The WSHFC is a state agency that works with Guild Mortgage and other lenders to offer homebuyer education, specialized home loans, down payment assistance and energy incentives. We’re a state agency that’s self-supporting and have been in business for the last 34 years. Our main objective is to provide lower cost mortgages and to help with down payments statewide. Currently there are 65,000 homebuyers in Washington that have used our services. So, if you aren’t sure if you can own a home, we can help guide you with these programs.

I: What would the guiding process look like?

LD: We suggest this simple 3 step process. First we’d advise a potential homebuyer to attend one of our FREE homebuyer seminars. These 5 hour courses are held all around the state. View class schedules at: Next we’d advise them to choose a commission-trained loan officer to match you to the right loan. The qualified experts will help you navigate through the home process. Finally, the potential homebuyer is able to house hunt with confidence since they’ve built the relationship with the qualified lender and attended the homebuyer session.

I: What was your purpose for the visit to Guild Tacoma Branch?

LD: We have a partnership with The Fornerette Team, specifically Michael Fornerette. There are thousands of lenders in the program, and Michael is in the top 10 of loan officers who have helped the most homebuyers using our programs this past year. Last year he helped 48 families using our services! We wanted to visit the team to get feedback on what’s working with our partnership and to see if they had any suggestions to better the program. It also gave us an opportunity to speak on program updates to the team.

I: Can you describe a success story?

LD: Sure! Recently a family in Federal Way wanted to move into a home that could accommodate their growing family. Their income was also increasing so they wanted to see if they could be home owners. They went through the Fornerette Team to see if they could qualify and they did! They were able to move into their own home and they were very thankful for the assistance of the WSHFC and The Fornerette Team. We see stories like this one every day. We are here to help make people’s dream a reality.


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